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Meet Matthew

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, and motivational speaker & 2024 Presidential Candidate

The Candidate was born in Huntington, NY, on May 20, 1958, and spent his childhood in Greenlawn, NY. Matthew, at the present time, does reside in Oceanside, CA. As a child, Matthew became an avid Rockhound, which did lead to the occupation in the fields of Gemology and Mineralogy.

When his father, Joseph. C. Pinnavaia - a gemologist and mineralogist - went on a gemstone buying trip to Moscow, Russia, Matthew did become the President of Galatea Gem & Mineral Corporation, wherein he did become closely associated with Foreign Diplomats at the United Nations in New York.

As an assistant to his beloved father, he was involved in exposing the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the U.S. Treasury,with the use of fake and cheap gemstones being used for dishonest nationwide U.S. Federal Charitable Tax deductions. The U.S. Treasury did recover $7 Billion Dollars, based upon the expertise of Joseph C. Pinnavaia. And, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS was completely absent in this sordid chapter in American History).

The Candidate has been involved in the subject of American Foreign Policy for over twenty (20) years, whereby he has composed writings on American Foreign Policy with the result being published in the International news media arena. Published in the Tehran Times; the Tass News Agency; the Indonesian Times; and in the Iraq News Media. When published in the Tehran Times, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) , did distribute ninety copies to American Embassies worldwide, and also to American  Intelligence Agencies worldwide.


Before forming the George Washington Party, Matthew was a "Caregiver", in Residence, for both of his beloved parents, before they ascended to Heaven.

About The George Washington Party

The George Washington Party was formed two years ago, in January 2017, in Oceanside CA and registered with the Federal Election Commission in Washington DC. 

The George Washington Party stands for honest government, open trade with all nations, and non-interference in the affairs of all the nations of the world. 

For the upcoming 2024 election, The George Washington Party has selected Mr. Matthew Pinnavaia to be it's official nominee for the office of President of the United States of America.

It's time America follows what it preaches


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